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About Pilotly

Pilotly is a startup that aims to create a digital platform for media feedback survey creation. Digitally creating a feedback survey easily allows people to gain access to a larger sample sizes of people to get a more accurate representation of audience reaction.


The problem:

Designing a more intuitive survey creation experience for people in the entertainment industry who want to get feedback on media content. The existing process was too confusing for their clients to use.

The Solution:

For an easier and usable survey creation process, I designed for better arrangement, copy, and a simple, modern interface. The redesign also allows for flexibility and less preparation before creating the electronic survey.


Going on a test drive

In an attempt to figure out why the product was unusable with the clients, I decided to conduct some user tests with Lookback. Testing with 7 different people surprisingly resulted in a very consistent result of being unable to quickly complete all the tasks. All of the issues essentially boiled down to two issues:

  • Placement of components directed users to dead ends leaving them flustered
  • Copy created a lengthy experience since users stared hoping to decipher the meaning

"I expected for the steps to go from left to right because that is how I instinctively read."


Gaining inspiration from success

Pilotly's key market is the entertainment industry. However, its core function has been widely created in survey creating platforms which have a much larger audience. I decided to take a look at these successful platforms' designs to gain some inspiration.

These are some features that made these platforms sucessful:


Question types all together in one section for easy access

Get Visual

Visual representation of the survey as it is being built

Clear Forms

Question formatting is a very clear form

Material Design

Click & drag components/pop-up modals

Keeping with the style

Style guide
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A style guide was formed from the existing designs within Pilotly so that the redesigns will be keeping with the style of the rest of the platform. This will make the integration of our designs seamless.

Location, location, location

The number one reason that was causing issues for Pilotly was information architecture. The placement of a lot of components were right to left which was not intuitive to the native English speaking/reading. Structure of the process was grouped to fewer steps using different information architecture which never led the user to a possible dead end.

Anchoring the user

Going into the survey tab, instead of directly leading them to the form to create a new survey, it was consolidated to a view where users can create new surveys and see old surveys. One, recreating an existing survey would not be the most efficient use of time. Two, although shortening the process would be convenient, the feeling of being dumped into the beginning of a process abruptly is not something anyone likes.

Two birds with one stone

With this particular infrastructure change, it also solved the issue with copy. With all of the survey sections laid out in order, users were able to quickly scan the page to understand the architecture and quickly start adding questions to their survey.

Visuals: Picture is worth a thousand words

The format of question types are presented in a form that visually represents how the question will be shown to the survey taker. The visual representation gets rid of the confusion that was created by their labels. This way, users are able to choose the question type that would most effectively convey their purpose.


5 out of 5

The button then opens the modal which prompts to complete the logic for any of the answer choices for the question that was selected.

Previously, logic was done by pathing which led to one out of 5 user testers to set logic correctly. However, with the new "If..., then..." form of logic gates, 5 out of the 5 testers were able to perform the task correctly.

Hear from our user testers!

5 out of 5 of the user tests were able to complete every task that was made to see if the functions of the survey creation process were intuitive. Here's how they felt about the redesign!

"Like Survey Monkey, but more visually attractive."

"I like the the layout. I think that it... looks easier than Google Forms!"

"I've never had to create a survey, but this was really clear!"